The Convenient Sport of Basketball

Although I enjoy watching different kinds of sports, if I were to pick one as my top choice, I’d have to choose the sport of basketball. It’s the sport that I follow in any sports betting site. My fascination for can be construed to the fact that basketball has always been one of the most convenient sport to play for me so I grew up playing and enjoying it.

There’s really no other team sport that is more convenient than basketball. After all, it was invented in the spirit of convenience. When Naismith came up with basketball, the idea revolved around a sport that can be played regardless of the weather due to winter being such a buzz kill. One of the top criteria was a sport that required small playing field so that it can be played indoors. The rest just fell in place and everything is a history.

Going back to the present, there’s plenty of reason why the sport is becoming popular. The space required for a basketball court is much smaller compared to sports like football. In fact, you don’t even need to have a full court to play a game. A small area, a pole and a hoop are enough to enjoy the game in its full glory.

Also, the fact that the game doesn’t require a huge number of players is pretty convenient. In a sport such as soccer, you need to find 21 more players if you want to play the game the way it’s supposed to be. In basketball, you can play the game with in a complete 5on5 or even 1on1. Try playing soccer 1on1 and you’d be playing entirely different sport.

There are plenty of reasons why the sport is growing faster especially in sports betting website and these just some of them.

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