Pacers’ Acquisition of Copeland

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Last season was an impressive run for the Pacers who reached the eastern conference finals and gave the eventual champions more than what they bargained for. It was during that series wherein several young Pacers players have finally stepped on star status. Despite the odds in online sportsbetting being heavily in favor of the Heat, the series was filled with uncertainty.

Every basketball fan around the world that didn’t pay a lick of attention to the team was introduced to Paul George. There’s also the welcome by Roy Hibbert who was just a beast defensively and offensively around the paint.

However, it is also true that it was in that series wherein their weakness got exposed. The team’s inability to make outside shots did them in. The Heat did to the Pacers what the Spurs did to the Grizzlies. The Heat started to pack the paint to negate the size advantage of the Pacers and forced the, to take long-range shots that most of the players on the team were uncomfortable in taking. The end-result for the Pacers was a stagnated offense.

This offseason, the Pacers have signed several players that shows that they are addressing the issue. In signing Chris Copeland, they get to have an active body that can stretch the floor by hitting 3-pointers consistently. The only downside to Copeland is his defense. His small figure makes it easy for stronger players to outmuscle him. However, the Pacers defense should be able to remedy this problem.

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Rory Playing Poorly

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Well, he isn’t exactly what you’d call poor but so far this year, Rory McIlroy has been in a pitiable state. The worse thing is that there are really no signs of improvement to be optimistic about. His 2013 campaign is best summarized by the recent happening in the British Open.

Just when you thought that Rory can’t have any worse of a year, he was out of the contention for the tournament just a couple of hours in. He had to be lucky to reach the weekend. To say that the world’s number 2 golfer looked lost on the green would be an understatement. He looked like someone who shouldn’t have been there.

Perhaps a better way to describe how poorly he is playing is by looking at the odds for golf online betting. After day 1, name was at the bottom of the list of players to bet on for the Open Championship 2013. With his poor showing, several British tabloids aren’t sparing any effort to assault the pitiful golfer. His face was plastered in several front pages with the headline of “brainless” or “need a shrink”.

Woods Looking Good

Tiger Woods didn’t had a smooth start but he was sure able to recover. As of writing, he is number 4 on the leaderboard with the score of -2. Miguel Angel Jimenez is currently the first with a score of -3, followed by Henrik Stenson and Lee Westwood, both having scores of -2.

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Sporting Mash Up: Cricket and More

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Losing but improving

So far, the Australian team has transcended some of the expectations of cricket fans. Coming into the series, everyone had Michael Clarke and company has huge underdogs that are likely to embarrass themselves, similar to what happened during the India tour just a few months ago.

In recent years, much criticism of the Australian team has been about discipline and resiliency in face of tough competition. In the first three days of the first test, the team has already disproved the notion.

You could argue that it’s too early to make a verdict, but after day three wherein the Australian team had a bad day, it’s easy to see the new attitude of the team.

Day 3 Recap

During the first two days of test, both teams were in equal footing with neither one having displayed significant advantage over the other. However, the flow of the game changed in the day 3 as the English team was able to pull ahead due to an impressive inning by Ian Bell. The day ended with England being ahead with 261 runs. The recent development has made the English team the favorite to win the series.

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Al Jefferson and His High Demand

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As anyone from online sports betting Australia  can tell you, the NBA has a nasty habit on placing a lot of value on certain players that often disregards their skill set and actual contributions. This pattern is more obvious when you look at the big men signing in the free agency periods of the past years. Well, there’s a common consensus that there’s not a lot of skilled big men who can play like the centers and power forwards of old. That is why even the average big men of these days get paid big despite the lack of significant impact that they add to a team.

Now, I’m not underrating the skills of Al Jefferson. However, when I read the reports that free agent center Al Jefferson is seeking at least $15 million per year from teams who are want to sign him, I chuckled. Add to that the report that the Charlotte Bobcats are interested in him made burst out laughing.

Acknowledging his offensive prowess

Jefferson is offensively-gifted player, having a good arsenal of moves that allows him to provide low-post scoring for any team he plays for. His rebounding numbers is also solid. Now, these two things make him a desirable player. However, his weakness is something that can’t be overlooked.

Lack of defense

As good as he is in scoring; he is just as bad in stopping opponents from scoring. In the NBA wherein the current trend for success is having a solid defense first prior to good offense, a player like Jefferson shouldn’t be given that much amount of money. Still, when the Bobcats are involved, anything can happen. No matter how ridiculous it might be.

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