Sport Betting Updates: March 29

All around the world and in every major sport league, there have been many things happening that makes online sports betting Australia even more exciting. From golf online betting to other sports, we have condensed some of the important happenings in the entire world of sport.

Tiger Woods Back On Top

Here’s one for those who are into golf online betting. Tiger Woods is now again ranked number one by dethroning Rory MiIlroy with his win at the Arnold Palmer Invitational 2013. Apparently, plenty are excited, or at least interested as proven by the slowing down of the Official World Golf Rankings website due to an increased traffic after his win.

The question now is that whether his being back on top of the rankings also means he’s back on his top form. We’ll find out soon enough on how he fairs at the Augusta.

World Peace is Compromised

Metta World Peace of the Los Angeles Lakers suffered from a torn meniscus on his left knee that will require a surgery and take him out for the rest of the season. This news dampens the chance of the Lakers making the playoffs since their only reliable perimeter defender is gone for the rest of the battle for a playoff spot.

If the MWP injury wasn’t enough, Kobe Bryant was diagnosed with a bone spur which is more of a bad news. Even if can play through it, he will still be limited which can only add more burden to the Lakers. Better rest it out Kobe.

The Convenient Sport of Basketball

Although I enjoy watching different kinds of sports, if I were to pick one as my top choice, I’d have to choose the sport of basketball. It’s the sport that I follow in any sports betting site. My fascination for can be construed to the fact that basketball has always been one of the most convenient sport to play for me so I grew up playing and enjoying it.

There’s really no other team sport that is more convenient than basketball. After all, it was invented in the spirit of convenience. When Naismith came up with basketball, the idea revolved around a sport that can be played regardless of the weather due to winter being such a buzz kill. One of the top criteria was a sport that required small playing field so that it can be played indoors. The rest just fell in place and everything is a history.

Going back to the present, there’s plenty of reason why the sport is becoming popular. The space required for a basketball court is much smaller compared to sports like football. In fact, you don’t even need to have a full court to play a game. A small area, a pole and a hoop are enough to enjoy the game in its full glory.

Also, the fact that the game doesn’t require a huge number of players is pretty convenient. In a sport such as soccer, you need to find 21 more players if you want to play the game the way it’s supposed to be. In basketball, you can play the game with in a complete 5on5 or even 1on1. Try playing soccer 1on1 and you’d be playing entirely different sport.

There are plenty of reasons why the sport is growing faster especially in sports betting website and these just some of them.

Sport Betting Round-up: March 11

Another exciting week has passed for many online sports betting sites. Many big things happened in different sports and leagues across the world. From the go-to site for anything about sports bet Australia, here are some of the updates on the sporting world for the past week.

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers in a Playoff Spot

The last few playoff spots for the western conference of the NBA have been hotly contested among several hopeful teams. The Lakers is one of these teams and they have been making serious ground for playoff contention in the past few weeks. Winning three out of four games from March 5 to 10, the Lakers are now sitting at the eighth and last playoff spot of the western conference, leading Jazz by a very small margin. There’s only a month left for the season and it would really be interesting to see how the playoff picture in the western conference is going to look like.

Boxing: Alliances and Big Battles

Despite PEDs and drug-related issues that shook the sport for the past few months, boxing seems to have moved on smoothly with many interesting events taking shape. After getting fined a million for testing positive to marijuana use, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. seems to be back on pursuing success in the sport as he forges an alliance with Bob Arum and train under the awarded trainer Freddie Roach. Another big name junior is set to battle as Floyd Mayweather Jr. is scheduled to fight against Robert Guerrero on May 4.

The Nuggets are Good, But…

They have some holes needed to be plugged if the team wants to have a better chance at making the Playoffs. This is a concern not only for the fans but also those who are into sports betting site.

Anyway, here’s an insight from a popular sports betting website.

Don’t get me wrong, the team has some fine attributes that any fan would want on their team. If you’ve been following the team, you can see how every player is willing to go all-out when it comes to effort. These aren’t just a bunch of energetic guys running the floor but hard-nosed players looking to get dirty. A small mistake from the other team is a basket scored by the nuggets. This quality of the team gives them a fighting chance against any other team in the league and has been one of the primary reasons for its success this season.

However, that hustle and energy can only take a team so far. The road to the NBA championship requires the Nuggets to go against the Spurs and the Thunder. Both of these teams have very good offensive sets. They rarely make mistakes. For a team like Denver that capitalizes on opponents’ mistakes to score, it spells trouble.

This is the biggest hole the Nuggets can’t patch up this season. They don’t have someone to anchor the offense that will allow the rest of the team to play off from. When Andre Miller said that the team needed a star to win a championship, he had a valid point. The team needs someone that they can rely on when they needed a basket and plays aren’t doing it.

Post Trade: Rockets

Here’s another one from go-to website for related to sports bet Australia.

Although nothing big really happened before the February 21 trade deadline, there were teams who made significant moves with results that could show before the season ends, both good and the bad. It’s exactly one week from the trade deadline right now I think it’s interesting, especially for those who are into online sports betting sites, to look at how the teams are doing. Given how one week is indeed a small sample size, it’s not also something that you can just overlook, as significant changes within the team can be seen even with only two or three games.

One of the teams that made a big move before the deadline was the Houston Rockets. If you’ve been following the NBA closely, there’s no doubt that you know about the details of the trade. Foregoing other teams, the Rockets sent away Patrick Patterson, Cole Aldrich, Toney Douglas and Marcus Morris while acquiring Thomas Robinson, Francisco Garcia and Tyler Honeycutt.

The move has the ‘for the benefit of the future’ written all over it and Rockets’ GM Morey was banking on the team to make the playoffs despite trading away some significant rotation players. However, a look at the team after the trade until now show’s what might happen to the team this season.

The Rockets are now 2-2 since the trade where after two consecutive wins against the Oklahoma City Thunder and Brooklyn Nets, they have lost two straight against Washington Wizards and the Milwaukee Bucks.

Winning against quality teams and losing against lower-tier teams is usually an indication of a team lacking a reliable system for winning. That’s natural knowing key system players were traded away. Unless the new players get acclimated to the team quickly, the Rockets’ season could take a dip out of the playoffs.