Sport Betting Round-up: March 11

Another exciting week has passed for many online sports betting sites. Many big things happened in different sports and leagues across the world. From the go-to site for anything about sports bet Australia, here are some of the updates on the sporting world for the past week.

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers in a Playoff Spot

The last few playoff spots for the western conference of the NBA have been hotly contested among several hopeful teams. The Lakers is one of these teams and they have been making serious ground for playoff contention in the past few weeks. Winning three out of four games from March 5 to 10, the Lakers are now sitting at the eighth and last playoff spot of the western conference, leading Jazz by a very small margin. There’s only a month left for the season and it would really be interesting to see how the playoff picture in the western conference is going to look like.

Boxing: Alliances and Big Battles

Despite PEDs and drug-related issues that shook the sport for the past few months, boxing seems to have moved on smoothly with many interesting events taking shape. After getting fined a million for testing positive to marijuana use, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. seems to be back on pursuing success in the sport as he forges an alliance with Bob Arum and train under the awarded trainer Freddie Roach. Another big name junior is set to battle as Floyd Mayweather Jr. is scheduled to fight against Robert Guerrero on May 4.

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