NBA Signing: Knicks Acquire Udrih

Last year, the New York Knicks suffered through a period wherein they couldn't put an able point guard on the floor. When Raymond Felton got injured and Jason Kidd's ancient body wasn't working well, the team went on a miserable run. The thing is that it happened at a bad time and the Knicks couldn't find any one to fill the position that they had to look overseas and ended up bringing 36 year old point guard Pablo Prigioni from Spain.

The veteran played well, being a part of one of the most efficient lineups of the Knicks for the season, as discussed in online sportsbetting. However, it was obvious that the team needed to make sure that what happened last year don't happen again next season. At least, that is what I'm getting from all the moves the team is making.

The Knicks have recently signed 9-year veteran Beno Udrih to the team. There isn't any news yet regarding the details of the deal, so we'll have to wait. The Knicks now have 3 point guards on the team.

Udrih is a great addition to the team that brings in not just championship experience but also some solid playmaking. The Slovenian guard has won two championships while playing for the San Antonio Spurs. Although it's been a long time since then, I can still remember that the guy was playing his role right.

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News and Stories: WGC- Bridgestone Invitational

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Every great sport has the human element in it that makes it exciting. In basketball, stories and news don’t just revolve around the number of shots, rebounds, stills or other statistics. If a sport is to appeal to a casual viewer, it must be able to connect to that person.

In golf, many of the interesting topics of conversation don’t just revolve around what’s happening on the green. This is what I have learned from being a regular of online sports betting in Australia. Even those who are into golf online betting for the purpose of winning and earning can’t help but be hooked by the drama and comedy that happens around the sport.

In this year’s WGC-Bridgestone Invitational, the best players on the green have their own separate storylines.

Tiger Woods: Gearing-up

After once again coming up short in his chase for the elusive 15th major in the British Open, the ongoing tournament at Firestone will provide an opportunity for the world’s number one golfer to fine-tune his game and be better prepared for the last major tournament this year.

How he plays in the tournament will have plenty of weight on his chances of winning his sought-after 15th.


Over six months into the year, it seems nobody’s holding his or her breath anymore for some surprising performance from the former number one. It may be a good thing though. The less pressure there is, Rory should be more comfortable in trying to adjust, if it is indeed what he needs

Pacers’ Acquisition of Copeland

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Last season was an impressive run for the Pacers who reached the eastern conference finals and gave the eventual champions more than what they bargained for. It was during that series wherein several young Pacers players have finally stepped on star status. Despite the odds in online sportsbetting being heavily in favor of the Heat, the series was filled with uncertainty.

Every basketball fan around the world that didn’t pay a lick of attention to the team was introduced to Paul George. There’s also the welcome by Roy Hibbert who was just a beast defensively and offensively around the paint.

However, it is also true that it was in that series wherein their weakness got exposed. The team’s inability to make outside shots did them in. The Heat did to the Pacers what the Spurs did to the Grizzlies. The Heat started to pack the paint to negate the size advantage of the Pacers and forced the, to take long-range shots that most of the players on the team were uncomfortable in taking. The end-result for the Pacers was a stagnated offense.

This offseason, the Pacers have signed several players that shows that they are addressing the issue. In signing Chris Copeland, they get to have an active body that can stretch the floor by hitting 3-pointers consistently. The only downside to Copeland is his defense. His small figure makes it easy for stronger players to outmuscle him. However, the Pacers defense should be able to remedy this problem.

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