No Love in NBA for Valentines

The NBA players might be taking a break but the excitement of basketball in the world of Australian online sports betting never seems to stop. Before the league went to a break, they offered some nice matchups to watch on February 14. That’s the day of love for you but the results of the games didn’t show one bit of love. The results didn’t have any surprise as far as this Australian online book maker is concerned. However, the game showed some glimpse on how the season could end.

The Miami Heat took out the Oklahoma City Thunder in such an impressive way that made fans questioned the ability of the Thunder to play against the Heat if in the post-season, if the two teams battle again in the finals. Let’s get it straight. Barring any major injuries, the Miami Heat is slated to reach the finals again. They can outscore even the best offensive teams in the east. The only teams that have a chance against the Heat are the great defensive teams. I put stress on the word great because being a good defensive team is not going to be enough against the Heat.

The Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers game didn’t add much excitement either as the Clippers dominated their hometown rival. It shows once again that the Lakers are not yet in the level where they could compete with the better teams. If this game has any effect on the future is that the Lakers might make some move before the February 21 trade deadline.

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