NBA: February First Week Results

The first week of February had a pretty nice line of schedule. With a five nights featuring more than eight games, you’re sports betting site probably had some nice lines. There were also some big upsets, if you haven’t been keeping track of your sports betting website. Anyway, here are the results for the first week of February.

February 1

Toronto Raptors over Los Angeles Clippers

Indiana Pacers over Miami Heat

Boston Celtics over Orlando Magic

Brooklyn Nets over Chicago Bulls

New York Knicks over Milwaukee Bucks

Philadelphia 76ers over Sacrament Kings

Detroit Pistons over Cleveland Cavaliers

Memphis Grizzlies over Washington Wizards

Denver Nuggets over New Orleans Hornets

Utah Jazz over Portland Trailblazers

Dallas Mavericks over Phoenix Suns

Los Angeles Lakers over Minnesota Timberwolves

February 2

Chicago Bulls over Atlanta Hawks

New York Knicks over Sacramento Kings

Cleveland Cavaliers over Oklahoma City Thunder

Houston Rockets over Charlotte Bobcats

Minnesota Timberwolves over New Orleans Hornets

Milwaukee Bucks over Orlando Magic

San Antonio Spurs over Washington Wizards

Portland Trailblazers over Utah Jazz

Golden State Warriors over Phoenix Suns

February 3 

Boston Celtics over Los Angeles Clippers

Los Angeles Lakers over Detroit Pistons

Miami Heat over Toronto Raptors

February 4 

Indiana Pacers over Chicago Bulls

Philadelphia 76ers over Orlando Magic

Washington Wizards over Los Angeles Clippers

New York Knicks over Detroit Pistons

Miami Heat over Charlotte Bobcats

Oklahoma City Thunder over Dallas Mavericks

Portland Trailblazers over Minnesota Timberwolves

Utah Jazz over Sacramento Kings

February 5 

Indiana Pacers over Atlanta Hawks

Los Angeles Lakers over Brooklyn Nets

Phoenix Suns over Memphis Grizzlies

Houston over Golden State Warriors

Denver Nuggets over Milwaukee Bucks

February 6 

Boston Celtics over Toronto Raptors

Indiana Pacers over Philadelphia 76ers

Washington Wizards over New York Knicks

Los Angeles Clippers over Orlando Magic

Cleveland Cavaliers over Charlotte Bobcats

Atlanta Hawks over Memphis Grizzlies

February 7 

Boston Celtics over Los Angeles Lakers 

Denver Nuggets over Chicago Bulls

The second of the February has some nice matchups ahead and I will be posting it later on with highlights on the most anticipated games. In the meantime, check out the sports betting website to see the betting lines for your favorite team.

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