NBA News: Andrew Bogut Returns

Well here’s something Australians and San Francisco can get excited about. I guess sports bet Australia is also going to be happy about this. Andrew Bogut returned to the Golden State Warriors lineup and helped the team win against the Toronto Raptors. Okay, a win against the Raptors shouldn’t be something to be thrilled with, but a win is a win and for the Warriors who are try to get a better playoff berth, they are more than happy for it. Warrior fans who are in online sports betting sites can attest to the value of any win.

Aside from the win, Bogut’s showing looks quite impressive. Impressive enough for Warriors fans to be look forward to the end of the season. Although it’s noticeable how the Australian big man looked winded in quite a few stretches of the game, his skills were on display as he commanded the team on defense and getting noteworthy dunks on offense that shows no ill-effects from the injury that sidelined him for much of the season. If Bogut’s return progresses nicely with the Warriors team that has so far been doing pretty good, the team can really be a scary contender in the playoffs. In games this season, the obvious weakness of the team has always been about making stops on the defensive end. The team now has a real post player on offense.

However, the return of Bogut is not all good news, as Stephen Curry suffered a sprain on his right ankle. The seriousness of the injury isn’t specified but depending on the gravity of it, this could really affect the team.

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