NBA and Golfing News: Back-to-Back for the Heat

Duncan to return for the 2013-14 season  (John W. McDonough/SI)

The 2013 NBA season finally ended with the confetti falling from above to celebrate the second championship for the Miami Heat since the trio of Bosh, James and Wade was assembled in 2010. The championship wasn't acquired without hardships though. The Heat had to play seven games in the eastern conference finals against the Indiana Pacers. The finals series against the Spurs had some bright and dark moments as both teams adjusted well from losses.

Still, after everything, the Heat are able to come out victorious and in possession of the Larry O’Brien trophy. This year’s NBA finals showcase everything great about basketball and why it’s a favorite in online sports betting Australia. There’s action, drama and suspense wrapped into one awesome offering.

Golf online betting: Woods suffer injury

As soon as everything thinks Tiger is back hunting to make history, there is yet another setback. For the sixth time in the last six years, Tiger Woods suffered an injury that will take him out of the game for an indefinite time. As reported, the injury is a shoulder strain that surfaced in the recently completed US Open. This is certainly a hit to golf online betting.

As a result of the injury, he will be withdrawing from the upcoming AT&T National 2013. Here is his statement from his website:

“I have been advised to take a few weeks off, rest and undergo treatment. I'll be ready to go for the British Open, and I'm looking forward to playing at Muirfield. I would like to extend my regrets to AT&T, our sponsors and the fans in the Washington, D.C., area. The AT&T National means a lot to me and my foundation. It's especially difficult not defending at my own tournament. It's going to be a great event, and I look forward to being there to provide my support.”

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