Golf this June: Garcia in the Woods of Philly

I understand that the NBA Finals or Ashes cricket is what the talks are all about from online sports betting Australia. But what if you’re not that into basketball? Well there are always other sports you know.

If you don’t like the physical and fast-paced and very competitive nature of NBA basketball, no one’s going to judge you. Well, at least not me. In fact, I have some plenty of alternatives for you. How about tennis?

In tennis, you’re not forced to watch male athletes bang each other. Oh. That sounded wrong. Let me correct that. I mean you’re not forced to watch men pound one another. Well, that was just as awful-sounding. Anyway, the point is that you can enjoy women’s singles in the French Open.

Aside from tennis, there’s also golf online betting.The greens are relaxing to watch and the top golfers with their grace and form is just as amazing as any other athlete in other sports. This month of June, there are several golf tournaments that are certainly worth watching and placing a bet on.

Next week’s US Open is going to be interesting with a spotlight on Sergio Garcia visiting the home turf of Tiger Woods whom he had a verbal feud just several weeks ago which ended with a statement from Garcia that included a bit of racist remark.

Philadelphia fans aren’t exactly the nicest sport fans in the world. In fact, it’s the total opposite of that. The local fans of the city of brotherly love are sure not going to be forgiving and forgetful.

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