Do or Die. Stanley Cup 2011: Game 6

As predicted by sports betting website. The series turned out to a very close one. As the series continues, The Vancouver Canucks led the series 3-2 against the Boston Bruins. After winning game 5 1-0, the Canucks are now just a game away from their first ever Stanley Cup Championship trophy.
Roberto Luongo won Game 5 with such flawless fashion after his two sub-par performances in Boston. With some early work that gave him confidence. He easily denied every shot the Boston attempted. He showed his tremendous bounce back ability for the second time in these playoffs. Never showing any weakness and was not intimidated by the Boston’s pressure. People saw a razor sharp Luongo on that game conquering a media demon once again. He made 31 saves for his second 1-0 shutout of the series.
The second hero of that game was their forward Maxim Lampierre who made a goal 4:35 in the third quarter. He alone scored the lone goal for the Canucks that crushed the defense of the Boston’s goalie Tim Thomas.
The infamous power play of the Boston Bruins has failed them once again. They couldn’t take advantage of the chances they had on that game. A good portion of their scoring chances started with a slap shot form a stationatry defenseman from the blueline, and the one when Raffi Torres tripped Greg Campbell 1:39 into the game. They did a very good job of closing down passing lanes, restricting the chances of cross-slot pass. But it was not enough for them to win that game. They should have done what Bieksa did on Maxim Lampierre’s goal. Softer wrist shot with an angle change on the shot.

Now that the momentum is back in Vancouver, the pressure is now on the Bruins. Game 6 will be a do or die for Boston Bruins. To win, they will have to aggressively check the thinning defense corp. oft the Canucks that may lead to turn overs that would determine the game. The Game will be held in Boston where they dominated the visiting Canucks. Sports betting hockey fans are eager to see the outcome of this series. Will the Bruins win and take it to Game 7 or will the Canucks end the journey for them.

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